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Methods of Property Cleanup After Roof Replacement

No Messing Around

Are you planning to replace your roof? Are you concerned that your property will be in shambles when your roofers have finished their work? This is a valid worry! Replacing your roofs might be messy, but rest assured that a good one should always include a good clean-up.

During the replacement, debris such as nails, shingles, fascia, flashing pieces, roofing felt, and underlayment might be spread throughout your roof and property. However, clearing up the mess is part of the contractor’s work, and a skilled roofer will take care to lay down tarps and have a dumpster on-site to quickly and efficiently remove the trash.

It’s critical to understand what a good clean-up process looks like before hiring a contractor so you know whether their services are up to par. Continue reading to find out how to clean up before, during, and after your roof replacement.

During tear-off. A clean workspace is a safe workspace when it comes to roofing. As a result, your roofers will begin cleaning up throughout the tear-off phase and continue to do so throughout the replacement. The cleaning method is entirely dependent on your contractors. Throughout the day, some crews will commit a few employees to remove garbage, dirt, and nails. Others will stop the replacement so that the entire crew may clean up before completing the job.

After installation. Following installation, the contractor will take various steps to ensure that everything is cleaned up. After installing your new roof, your roofer will use a strong backpack blower to clear your roof of any debris or remaining granules that may have come off the tiles during the installation. The contractor will also remove tar stains off sidewalks and siding. And lastly, the contractor will also clean the gutters by hand or with a leaf blower to remove loose debris and nails. It is recommended that homeowners keep an eye on downspout regions the first few times it rains to ensure that no stray nails end up in their driveway.

Post inspection. The final phase of the process is post-inspection, which involves your contractor inspecting your yard and landscaping for any debris that was missed during the initial clean-up procedure.

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