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FAQs About Our Roofing Services

We constantly received several similar roofing questions from our potential clients and loyal customers in Modesto, CA. As an initiative to conveniently answer those questions, we made this FAQ page available. Check below!

Do you cater to commercial customers?

Yes, we do. Ridgevalley Roofing Inc. is not only a residential roofing company. We are also a well-versed commercial roofing contractor that can complete any project, ensuring excellent workmanship at all times. Regardless of the size of the roofing job, our team can guarantee to provide you with the best services that we can possibly deliver.

Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes. We accept any major credit card. Cash payments and properly signed checks can be used as well.

Do you offer discounts for new customers?

Yes. Our competent roof repair company provides generous discount offers to new customers and seniors. You may also get 10% off of your next service for every successful referral. Currently, we offer 10% off or our services for all clients for as long as you don’t forget to mention the 411 promo code. Grab these generous discount offers today as they might not last forever!

Do you work on Sundays too?

Yes. We work all the 375 days of the year. On Sundays, however, we close hours earlier at 2 PM. During other days, our business hours are between 7 AM to 6 PM.

How long does a roofing replacement take?

Average homes usually have roofs with 3,000 square feet or less. When the weather is at its best, all the materials are already available, and there’s enough manpower for the job, replacing your roof might only take a day. But in extreme cases, you might have to wait for three to five days before the job will be completed. For larger homes, complex roofing systems, and weather issues, the roof replacement job can potentially take up to three weeks. No worries as we at Ridgevalley Roofing Inc. have enough manpower, cutting-edge equipment, and expertise for the job. This means that you can expect us to get the job flawlessly done in a timely manner.

How long will my new roof last?

The lifespan of your roof depends on several factors. First, we must consider the materials used for the job. The care your roof receives can also greatly affect its lifespan. The weather in your area is a great determining factor for the longevity of your roofing too. Identifying the length of time your roof will last would not be an easy task. On average, though, most roofing systems can serve you for up to 20 to 25 years. When you turn to our reliable team for all your roofing service needs, we can help ensure your roof will last its lifetime.

How can I book your services?

To book the high-quality roof repair services that we offer to the people in the Modesto, CA area, all you need to do is call us right now! With a single phone call, you can expect us at your doorstep right away. We have the common repair parts on our service trucks. We have easy access to roofing materials as well. In case new parts are needed, we can provide you with efficient roofing repairs right away.

To book our services, call us at (209) 988-8212 now!

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