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Are You Worried About the State of Your Roof?  

As your roof ages, the materials will start to deteriorate and eventually begin to let water in. When water finds its way into your house, you will have to deal with other issues, such as mold and moisture, or at the very least watermarks on the wall. These can be costly to address, as it could be the difference between having new drywall installed or having everything down to the framing replaced. To prevent such issues, it is a good idea to book a roof repair service to addressed them as soon as they occur.

What could cause issues on the roof?

Missing Tiles, Gaps in the Flashing Points, and Others.

These are simple fixes, and if dealt with early on, they will not cause too much damage, but if you leave them, the work and the issues will increase, causing you to have to pay out more money. It’s far easier to replace one or two tiles than it is to have the whole front, side, or back retiled.

Overgrown Trees

If you have large trees around your property, you may want to go and look at how close the branches are to the roof. When the wind whips up, they may smash into the roofing, causing cracks in the tiles. If any are resting on the roof, the sheer weight could be putting pressure on the deck and even the trusses. Eventually, the materials will start to warp and crack, and if this happens, you may need more than a repair but a replacement.

Wild Animals

Do you see gaps in the facia board, you may find that squirrels, polecats, or others may be making themselves at home in your attic space. It is a problem because they will return day after day, and eventually, the holes they create will grow in size and become more of an issue. Not only is this bad for your roof, but if the wild animals increase in number, you will have a pest problem on your hands.

There are many more reasons you may need a roof repair, and the amount of work involved varies too. We do not recommend you attempt to climb the roof yourself as this can be dangerous. All you need to do is cross the street and lookup. You will see if there is anything untoward.

If you are in Modesto, CA and need to book a roof repair service, call Ridgevalley Roofing Inc., we will only be too happy to be of assistance.

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